Our mission is to spread our Lebanese way of life, all over the world, and to promote the Lebanon we love. The modern Lebanese is attached to his traditions, his roots, his land and village; yet, he is modern, educated, well-travelled and interested in new culinary experiences.

So, we created a Lebanese restaurant that looks like us :)

Semsom combines Lebanese traditional and modern cuisine through its classic dishes and its signature creations.

The menu reflects our determination to revive old recipes, pillars of Lebanon's culinary heritage, as well as revisited recipes. Our continuous efforts to look for the freshest ingredients, and to channel the creativity of our chefs, as well as use the suggestions made by our guests, gives to Semsom menu its unique identity.

The modernity comes from our own innovations like hommos with sumac and thyme and hommos with olives and sesame, chicken or cheese osmalieh, or our very special Kebbet Samak, These creations are all best sellers!

In total, we offer 50 dishes available ONLY at Semsom.

We also propose Semsom platters where our guests can choose their main dish, grills or saj with 2 side orders from a selection of appetizers and salads. Our guests can even enjoy homemade traditional meals through our variety of daily dishes.

To cater for the health conscious guests with smaller appetites, we have created a light corner with smaller portions and healthy options.

Semsom is now the reference in terms of modern Lebanese cuisine!

It's now your turn to experience SEMSOM and the Lebanese way of Life, the way we see it: The Tradition and the Twist!